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FOX Roofing & Contracting Specializes in Roof Repair and Replacement of all types with expertise in tile, metal and composition shingles.


We are Customer Driven with commitment to Excellence.†


Fox Roofing employees are proven professionals with many years experience and thousands of satisfied Homeowners who got what they expected and more.


Through careful selection Fox Roofing provides the highest quality products available on the market.† This fact combined with our top rated Installers enable us to provide our customers with a labor† warranty on workmanship. In the final analysis itís the roofing company that makes the difference.† You can have confidence in your roof installation or repair being done right the first time.


Our staff will help guide you through the process with commitment to providing top† Quality Service† &† Appearance.


Fox Roofing & Contracting is committed to quality and customer satisfaction.


The Owners of Fox Roofing & Contracting have in excess of 15 years experience in the construction industry and are ready to assist you with your project.


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